Next Generation Long Range Fixed Wireless Broadband

Curvalux is a globally patented, advanced multibeam phased array wireless access and backhaul system that provides more capacity at longer range and lower power and lower cost user equipment than 4G or 5G


Curvalux 3D & CPE 

Made in Sheffield, UK

On May 6th 2020, Curvalux announced the opening of its new R&D center in Sheffield UK and GBP8M R&D funding support from the Sheffield City Region. Curvalux will develop the next generation Curvalux system dubbed Curvalux 3D which will be a dynamic beam forming antenna system which will operate from Midband to milimeterwave to allow for mobile and fixed broadband services including long range Wifi 6 and 7 as well as 4G and 5G applications. In addition Curvalux will also develop low cost fixed wireless access terminal that will be capable of providing up to 1 Gbps of connectivity to homes. Curvalux will lead the world in extremely high capacity wireless communications services for unlicensed and licensed bands. We are currently recruiting extremely talented engineers to work with us in Sheffield. Please contact us ASAP as the positions are filling up fast


Curvalux is a unit of Airspace Internet Exchange Inc.

Curvalux technologies aim to reduce the barriers that currently exist that prevent over 3.5 Billion from being able to access the internet. We aim to provide advanced, highly efficient and low cost systems to reduce the cost of deployment, operations and consumer adoption of broadband services. Mobile operators and telecommunications companies who have tested Curvalux extensively have come to the conclusion that they can now affordably address the rural communities with Curvalux without requiring massive number of deployment of towers and most importantly the multi-kilowatt power generation systems required by 4G and 5G systems.


Curvalux is phased array multibeam forming system vs a wide area omni/sector system of 4G and 5G


High Capacity, Long Range, Low Power Consumption

Curvalux's advanced multi-beam forming system is able to concentrate radio frequency energy into a very tightly focused beam similar to that of a laser pointer. Unlike a cellular tower antenna with a wide area coverage, Curvalux provides very high directivity of the coverage area which results in very high gain or the antenna at 23dBi boosting its signal strength and receptivity. The high gain we achieve allows us to dramatically reduce the amount of power we need to operate the Rf amplifiers. Instead of 10kW we only need 100W which can be powered by solar power. With a very small amount of electrical power we are able to send a very high powered signal to long distances. Having multiple beams allow us to use MIMO technology effectively allowing frequency reuse. Curvalux paired with Wifi 5 or 6 access points can reach users using a standard 20dBi CPE as far as 20km away. On multiple comprehensive testing jointly made with a leading mobile operator in Asia, a single Curvalux Edge Node was able to simultaneously deliver 2Gbps across 16 beams using Wifi 5 based access points and CPEs while using only 100W of power. This is 1/100th lower amount of energy consumed vs 4G and 5G systems.

THOMAS CHOI, Executive Chairman

Tom Choi is the founder of Curvalux Inc and Airspace Internet Exchange Inc., its parent company. Curvalux's technological developments are based on Tom's patented innovations. Tom previously founded and operated as CEO, Asia Broadcast Satellite and Speedcast. 


Nir Barkan is the CTO of Curvalux and the Airspace Internet Exchange Inc group companies. Nir is also the CEO of Curvalux UK the new Curvalux R&D centre. Nir is responsible for the technology development teams and the production of the Curvalux products. Nir has over 20 years of experience in advance digital communications and radio frequency engineering. His career includes work at Satifxfy, Novelsat and Texas Instruments.


Richard Pak is the CEO of Airspace Internet Exchange Inc and Curvalux Inc.  He has spent more than 25 years as an entrepreneur and senior executive in the IT, Telecom and Satellite sector.  As one of the original pioneers of internet broadcasting and streaming technologies, Mr. Pak helped build the world’s first and largest internet broadcast streaming company ( in 1995 with founders Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner.  He helped to grow into the leading Internet destination for multimedia programming, taking the company public in 1998 and breaking the record at the time for most successful IPO in NASDAQ history.  Subsequent to the phenomenal success of the IPO, Mr. Pak played a critical role in completing the merger with Yahoo Inc. valued at USD $5.7 billion.  Mr. Pak moved to Asia in 1999 as the Regional Managing Director of the Business & Enterprise Services unit for Yahoo Inc. covering Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, India and Australia.  Richard’s most recent role was Chief Development Officer at ABS, a global satellite operator. 


Chris Lau is the COO of Curvalux. Chris is responsible for customer technology requirement development and service implementation. Prior to joining Curvalux Chris was the head of Smartone Mobile Communications in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Chris developed service and operational implementation of Hong Kong's largest mobile operator with over 2M subscribers. Chris is an expert in 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G mobile communications as well as subscriber management and content & applications services. 


Board of Advisors, Strategic Relations

With over 20 years of senior level experience working across Europe the Middle East, Indo-China and Africa to help business grow and succeed in new geographical markets, Justine has successfully built an unrivaled network and have earned her reputation "as someone who achieves results”. Proud to be Future Women Role Model 19 supported by Yahoo Finance. She was nominated number 12 for her work at LSEG and the UK Israel Bilateral trade Nexus in the Aliyah 100 List.  Voluntary roles includes, Board Director of Vibe Israel, Israel Bonds UK and Sahi (supporting youth at risk) Jerusalem, and mentors parents of autistic children. She is lucky mum of two lovely girls and a wonderful patient husband. Justine’s previous roles include Deputy Director Trade & Investment, British Embassy Tel Aviv – supporting Israeli companies to set up and access finance in the UK. She directed and won an Israeli Government tender to deliver Welfare to Work in Jerusalem for a British company based in Sheffield  culminating in over 7,000 people returning to gainful employment with skills.


Wide Area Low Powered Multi Beam Phased Array Antenna

The current "Generation 1" Curvalux multi-beam phased array antenna system is designed to work with any number of baseband communications technologies. Specifically since 2018, the Curvalux team working in concert with globally leading telecommunications companies around the world have tested the system using both Wifi 5 and Wifi 6 access points and end user devices. Based upon field testing and customer feedback the Curvalux team has modified and improved upon the system design to improve its performance and resiliency such that current system is ready for commercial deployment. The plot below demonstrates the antenna performance measured in a globally recognized anechoic chamber. The performance of each 16 beam is minimum 18 dB isolation from all other side lobes demonstrating capabilities that exceed that of standard parabolic antennas.


Initial proof of concept testing in Hong Kong

Multiple Curvalux Edge Nodes were installed in the AirspaceIX's satellite & telecom facilities in Hong Kong for testing with CPEs and Wifi Smartphones. We successfully demonstrated rerouting IP signals via multiple Edge node to Edge node phased array beams proving Curvalux's main advantage of being able to deploy a wide area wireless broadband network with minimum number of installations requiring IP/Fiber connectivity. We also demonstrated over 150 Mbps to smartphones at range over 1.2 KM.

POC Testing In Jakarta and West Java, Indonesia

We installed Curvalux Edge Nodes in two buildings in Jakarta. One on the rooftop of Paktel, a subsidiary of Airspace IX and a building 2km away. We set up two Edge Nodes to reroute the IP traffic via the phased array beams from the Edge Node at Paktel to the Edge Node on the second building and back to the roof top of Paktel to the CPE. We were able to consistently achieve 100Mbps using 20 MHz Wifi channels. This test demonstrated Curvalux's ability to avoid interference in a large city which had hundreds of other wifi 5 access points operating in the same frequency channel.

Mass POC testing in Manila, Philippines

Working with one of the dominant telecommunications companies in the Philippines, we conducted a comprehensive wide area testing of all 16 beams of a single Edge Node. The test sites were 200m to 2km from the tower and the total and simultaneous aggregate throughput achieved was 2 Gbps using Wifi CPEs and smart phones. This test demonstrates the extremely high capacity of wireless broadband that can be provided by Curvalux. The total DC power consumed by the Curvalux Edge Node was measured at 100W only.

Wifi 6 Testing with Curvalux in Las Vegas, USA

Working in conjunction with a local ISP, we set up Curvalux on their roof and connected Wifi 6 Access Points to the phased array beams. About 1 kilometer away, we used the Samsung Galaxy 10, the world's first smartphone with Wifi 6 capability to access the Wifi 6 access point at speeds exceeding 400Mbps. This demonstrably faster than any 5G system who's range is much shorter and lower throughput at cell edge coverage. Curvalux with Wifi 6 is a much lower cost alternative to 5G.

Deployment in Semirara Island, Philippines

Over 10 rural village homes have been provided ultra high speed broadband via Curvalux as part of a commercial trial. The Curvalux Edge Node was installed about 1 to 5km from the users. The CPEs were installed on a elevated basis to provide better line of site to the tower and to clear the thick vegetation that would otherwise fade the signals. The customers use a outdoor 5 GHz wifi CPE which has a indoor 2.4 GHz signal. The customers are very satisfied to have amazing speeds over 100Mbps.

POC Testing in Kuwait

This was the first POC trial which took place completely by the local partner who did the trial set up and implementation based upon our instructions and without our field support. During the trials the capabilities of Curvalux was demonstrated to both the government as well as all the licensed telecommunications companies. During the testing users were able to achieve over 200Mbps of connectivity to their Wifi 5 smart phones over 200 to 300 meters from the tower.

POC Testing in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

We set up a POC on top one of the tallest buildings in UB. From this vantage point we were able to test the long range limits of Curvalux. We were able to deliver a 20Mbps signal using Wifi 5 CPEs to locations 17 and 20 km from the tower. This POC will now be moved to provide live trials to areas of UB that are underserved by terrestrail mobile services.

POC testing in Selangor, Malayasia

This is an ongoing trial for the government in conjunction with one of the leading telecommunications companies in Malaysia. We are demonstrating Curvalux's ability to delivery high speed fixed wireless services to a wide and dispersed area cost effectively and most importantly without requiring expensive electrical power. During the testing we achieved over 300Mbps to a CPE 8km from the tower using 2x2 MIMO and wifi 5 Access Points at the tower. The end user was so happy with the performance they immediately demanded the operator to remove the LTE modem which was delivering only 10Mbps and to replace it with Curvalux.


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